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Escort Cards

There are so many fun and unique ways to “escort” your guests to their tables. Here are a few of my favorites.

These designs are simple but beautiful:

These ones are earthy and interesting:

These escort card displays show the theme of the wedding: Tropical and the Beach.

I love the colors and moderness of this one:

These ones are unique:

The escort card display from my wedding:
And from the fabulous Martha Stewart:

Congratulations M & M

On 7.21.7 I had the pleasure of being the day of coordinator for M & M’s wedding. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Brazilian Room in Berkeley’s Tilden Park.

Wedding colors were black, red and white. These colors really pop against each other and I loved all of M’s details. I was truly honored to DOC this wedding.
I did meet the extremely talented Glenn Williams from Thomas Hughes Video. I had actually requested him for my wedding but he was already booked! He was first class all the way. A pleasure to work with. Hopefully we will get to work together on another wedding. I know M & M won’t be disappointed.

Blooming Tea Centerpieces

I am always on the look out for fairly inexpensive yet interesting ideas for centerpieces.

I fell in love with the look of blooming teas! Each centerpiece could be different as there are so many beautiful options out there. I actually love the look of different centerpieces at each table.
Check these out!

Ambrosia Teas sells many different varieties of blooming teas. 4 buds are $9.95! That is only about $2.49 per centerpiece for the floral aspect.
Some great container options:

Above pictures are from Pottery Barn but I have seen some great, low cost options at discount retailers such as Target, Ross, Marshalls etc.
The possibilities are endless and cost would be minimal. Think about also using Submersible FloraLytes to add interest. I used FloraLytes in some of my DIY projects for my wedding and they were a great addition.

Cool Alternative to the Place Card

One thing I have learned: Rental linens (the extremely unique and pretty ones) are very expensive!!!

Your standard linen rentals (most venues may provide you with standard white ones for free) range from $8 - $15. The more elaborate ones can go upwards of $35 each depending on size. Times this by the number of tables and it can add up.

This got me thinking. If a venue has the standard white linens that they offer for free why not take advantage of this and find a way to dress them up…..

I found these placemats at cb2. They are $3.95 each. Not cheap but if you look at them as a way to save $$$ on place cards and place card holders this may be a great alternative:

Here are the placemats in a tablescape:
Just imagine calligraphy such as this written on the white space/or black space of the above placemat. It would be beautiful to walk up to a table and see “Mrs. Jones” on such a fabulous placemat. A great way to spice up an otherwise simply table linen:
Remember if you don’t have a charger and are having a sit down meal there is usually no plate at each place setting so nothing would block the name of your guest.

Unique Centerpiece Ideas

Love the idea of using a Terrarium or a group of Terrariums filled with flowers or potted plants.

Both from Smith and Hawken
I love the use of the boxes below. But really anything can be used to match your decor.

What about using any of the fabulous bins at The Macbeth Collection

This is a modern and glam use of straight pins!

I also think that simply branches can be stunning:

From Wiggy Flowers