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Monthly Archives: December 2007

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The Cupcake Tower

I really think cupcake towers are beautiful. They seem to take us back to our childhood and their most goodness brings smiles to all who enjoy. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

I love this pink goodness cupcake tower. Photo by Tamara Lackey.

The bride and groom themed cupcake tower from knottie ms.dolly.

This cupcake tower picture was taken by me at C & B’s fabulous wedding.

Love the bling on this tower. Photo taken by HyStudio.

These beauties looks almost too good to eat. Photo by Ann Hamilton.

I love how the save the date monogram is carried over into the design of the cupcakes. Butterfly Cakes.

I love the simplicity of these ones. Teacake Bake Shop.

One way to dress up your cupcakes is with custom designed flags with the bride and grooms name and wedding date.

Spice up your cupcakes with cupcake wrappers. From CTW: Four.

Centerpiece of the Week

I don’t know who the photographer is for this picture but I love the height, color and shape. Remember, when picking out your centerpieces if they are high make sure people can “see through them” as you don’t want anyone’s view obstructed.

CTW: Twelve

I love this felt tableware. These place mats would look great at a wedding. This pattern comes in white and black.

This cork guestbook is unique and interesting.

These vintage rhinestone placecard holders are perfect for the diva in you.

A Letter to our Website

Dear Old Website,

It seems like only yesterday when you first went live.

You have been there for us through the good and the better……

  • When we weren’t getting married until July and our first client’s wedding wasn’t until July
  • When we didn’t have a lot of content or clients

You always looked sharp, modern and unique and we so appreciate you.

But now its time for new pictures, galleries, a little praise and a fancy fill-in contact page. We really aren’t getting rid of you, just an upgrade of sorts. Think of it as a brand new outfit.

So from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for helping us bring in and attract new clients and for always being reliable. We look forward to working with you in 08!

Love your loyal and dedicated partners,

Lisa & Ricardo

Check out our new website!!

Centerpiece of the Week

I love the modern lines and who can resist green with brown/black. Really simple but very elegant. Also looks somewhat easy to DIY.

Photo by Kevin Beasley.

CTW: Eleven

I love these unique votive holders. From Carolyn Roehm.

New place cards from Paper Source!

Will you be my bridesmaid cards from Broadway Paper.

My almost guestbook. From Jenni Bick.

A beautiful favor. Both the box and the flower tie on from Carolyn Roehm.

I love these bicycle themed tags.
Continuing on with the bicycle theme. Thank you notes from Broadway Paper.