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Monthly Archives: January 2009

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Centerpiece of the Week

I am in love with this wedding. There was a different centerpiece at every table in my favorite color….green.

Photo montage by Rae Leytham

CTW: 67

I would have loved to have gotten married in something like this with some cute personalized lime green chucks.

These would be great full of flowers or candy.

Cake of the Week - Pink Wedding Cupcakes

Ok so not really a cake….but who doesn’t love cupcakes?

Tamara Lackey Photography

Centerpiece of the Week

I apologize to whoever took this photo. I don’t know where I got it from. But it is so stunning!

UPDATE:  Thank you to Jessica from Tying the Knot.  Photo by Robert Sukrachand via Tying the Knot.

Photography Giveaway: Sabine Scherer Photography

One of my favorite photographers Sabine Scherer just let me know about this fantastic giveaway. Tell her how you will be “greening up” your wedding and you could walk away with one amazing package!

CTW: 66

So my obsession with all things wood continues…..

I love the uniqueness of this tealight holder.

These chopsticks in a case would make super cool favors.