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Monthly Archives: July 2009

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Cake of the Week - White Wedding

Another amazing creation from I Dream of Cake

Dear Jill Thomas

You don’t know me but I heart you and your photos….I just hope one day you can take either pictures of me, my future children, pets or anything really.  I also heart your family pictured below.  Simply amazing!  If rumors about your presence in California is true I may just have a heart attack. 

Your loyal fan, Lisa. 


 Jill Thomas Photography

Rock n Roll July

The rock and roll style has always fascinated me.  Thus I love the rock and roll vibe captured in wedding images.  The image below is super hot.

Image by Sara France

Congratulations E & R - Calistoga Ranch Wedding Planner

Well what can I say.  I loved E & R from the moment we met….then they told me that they were to be married at my all time favorite wedding venue, The Calistoga Ranch.  This wedding was nothing short of amazing.  Enjoy these stunning pictures.  First set of pictures taken by my staff.  Second set by Sabine Scherer.






One of my all time favorite photographers took the following pictures.  It was a pleasure working with you Sabine!!