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Carnival & Circus Themed Wedding Part 2 - The Food

Gosh I love fun food.  And food is often a great way to carry a wedding theme out.  For a rustic italian wedding it is common to come across food served family style just like sunday dinners in sicily.

What kind of food would be appropriate for a carnival or circus themed wedding?!?!  Well the possibilities are endless really.  Mini corn dogs with a fancy aioli, truffle popcorn, even cotton candy!

Gabriel Ryan Photographers

Staws can be found here.

I had the pleasure of dining at Straw in San Francisco recently.  If you need some carnival and/or circus inspired food just check out their menu!!  Plain awesomeness.

Carnival & Circus Themed Wedding Part 1 - The Bride and Groom

I think a Bride and Groom’s wedding attire can certainly set the mood for the whole wedding.  When you choose a carnival or circus themed wedding this can be the place where you can really set yourselves apart from other brides and grooms.  Bright Colors.Vintage.Whimsy.  Have some fun like the couples below did!!

{Elyse Hall Photography}

{Gabriel Ryan Photographers}

{Josh Goleman}

{Red Heart Photo}

{Red Heart Photo}

{Red Heart Photo}