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DIY Recycled Glass Centerpiece Idea

When I ran across this beer in the store I knew I had to make something out of these amazing bottles…I wanted a more modern look a la Crate and Barrel.

I wound up at a home improvement store looking for glass paint and clear coat.  I chose both the white and clear coat in a matte finish.

After some trial and error I found the best way to spray paint them was to put my finger inside (or my sidekicks finger) and spray away.  Wear gloves!!

The finished product was awesome!  Love the matte finish.

Such a great way to recycle beautiful bottles.  A fun way to add interest to your centerpiece or home decor.  Remember you can paint any glass…jam jars, soda bottles, mason jars etc.  Have fun!  Play around and be creative.


  1. FANTASTIC idea! Now to find recycled glass with awesome designs

    Posted August 15, 2012 at | Permalink
  2. Noviamorau said . . .

    Good work! The bottles look more beautiful after you spray paint them!

    Posted August 16, 2012 at | Permalink

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