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Wedding Photo Place Cards

I have to be honest (and I apologize in advance if I offend anyone) but I sometimes feel that a lot of weddings we see on blogs blend together.  Don’t get me wrong they are all overwhelmingly beautiful…but most are very similar.

I am always searching for new ideas, brainstorming new ways to revamp old ideas but in reality it’s hard.  Most things have been done.

Enter my Wisconsin bride, an easy to work with laid back girl who just wanted a fabulous party.  When I asked her if she wanted to “reserve” seats for certain family members at the ceremony she said yes and in her casual laid back style asked if we could just tape pictures of those people to the seats.  Then the creative juices began flowing.

Why not do this for the reception?  We have all seen photo walls, photo tables, photos strung on twine…but why not attached to each seat?  A fun way to find your seat and a great conversation piece for the guests.

Granted this probably is only practical for a small wedding and if done for a larger wedding you would probably need escort cards to guide people to the correct table and then they could find their seat.

Well without further ado…wedding photo wall meets place cards:

Burlap Wedding Decor Revisited

I love burlap…I think just the slightest amount can add charm, interest and texture to any wedding.

Browsing around Etsy I found the following gems:

Such a charming centerpiece.  You can find it here.

Gray burlap…my new favorite.

In love with this burlap headband…perfect for a bride or flower girl.

Check out my previous posts on burlap and a DIY burlap table runner!

Ombre Meets GlassyBaby

Daydreaming about glassybabys in shades (of possibly yellow or green or even peach) ranging from light to dark.  Unfamiliar with Ombre or Glassybaby?  Read below!

Ombre = a French word which means shaded or graduation from light to dark.  See an example of escort cards that have been dyed Ombre style here.

Photo courtesy of OnceWed.

glassybaby = only some of the most beautifully colored multi layered glass I have ever seen.  Oh and they rent my friends!!

Oceano Hotel & Spa Wedding - Congratulations M & J

What can I say about M & J?

Young.In Love.Beaming.Simply Beautiful.

They wanted a beach wedding and nothing could be better than a gorgeous Half Moon Bay day.  Oceano Hotel & Spa provided a stunning stretch of beach for the ceremony as well as the ballroom for cocktails and the reception.  Congrats to you both!  It was a pleasure working with you!!

All florals provided by Bloomsters.

All photos below shot by the uber talented Lori Paladino.

Featured on Style Me Pretty!

For those who might have missed it we were featured on Style Me Pretty.  I will be posting some of my favorite pictures from this wedding asap but in the meantime click here.

Photo by Elle Jae Weddings

St. Regis San Francisco Wedding - Congratulations M & S

Another beautiful wedding from last year…yes I am seriously behind.  M & S were a super organized couple which made my job easier.  They chose the St. Regis which provided a beautiful backdrop for both their ceremony and reception.  My friend and studio mate Karen of Huckleberry Karen Designs provided the floral.  I took the below photos but if you want to check out some professional ones by Larissa Cleveland click here.