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Centerpiece of the Week - Kermit Mums

I love the use of Kermit Mums in this centerpiece.  And the craft paper wrapped vase is pure genius.  Simple, elegant and different. 

Photo by Glen Allsop Photography via Alkeemi

Centerpiece of the Week - Green and White Wedding Flowers and Limes

While getting my daily dose of facebook I stumbled across a centerpiece that one of my friends made.  Now this is no ordinary friend.  This is the fabulous Audrey Crandell who owns Glowing Bridal.  Brides, if you are looking for a spectacular makeup artist who is a pleasure to be around give Audrey a call…you will not be disappointed. 

She created this table arrangement for her mom’s birthday party.  It is truly beautiful.  The use of limes is one of my favorite elements.   Audrey was wondering about the acidity in the limes causing problems.  I asked the Karen with Huckleberry Karen Designs and she said that the acidity and sugar actually helps the flowers just makes the water dirty after a day or so.


I also love the use of the baby blue patterned china.  A great touch.

Audrey you rock!!

Centerpiece of the Week - Orange and White Wedding Flowers

I love bottles….all shapes and all sizes.  I love how this arrangement was made using different types of bottles with just a few beautiful flowers in each. 

Photo by Jessamyn Harris

Centerpiece of the Week - Yellow and White Wedding Flowers

Yellow and White as a color combination has always been one of my favorites…clean, crisp and makes you want to smile.  As my girl Karen would say, always display vases in odd numbers…3’s, 5’s etc.  Well Huckleberry Karen Designs created this wedding centerpiece and it is beautiful.  Photo by Elle Jae Weddings.  P.S.  Both are my new office mates…yay!!

Centerpiece of the Week - Artichoke Wedding Decor

I love the use of artichokes in wedding decor.  They make a unique and visually interesting focal point.  And I love how simple and elegant it looks.  I can only assume that it is cost effective too.


 Photography by Erin Hearts Court

Centerpiece of the Week - White Wedding Flowers

Photography by Jennifer Skog