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Ombre Meets GlassyBaby

Daydreaming about glassybabys in shades (of possibly yellow or green or even peach) ranging from light to dark.  Unfamiliar with Ombre or Glassybaby?  Read below!

Ombre = a French word which means shaded or graduation from light to dark.  See an example of escort cards that have been dyed Ombre style here.

Photo courtesy of OnceWed.

glassybaby = only some of the most beautifully colored multi layered glass I have ever seen.  Oh and they rent my friends!!

Congratulations D & J - Pacific Athletic Club Wedding Planner

So I am a little behind on posting weddings and for that I apologize.  I loved working with D & J.  D had a great family who I absolutely loved.  The Pacific Athletic Club was the backdrop for this lovely tiffany blue and chocolate brown wedding.  And by the way…I am obsessed with straight escort cards.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding.  Huckleberry Karen Designs was responsible for the awesome flowers.

The PAC had a great alcove for the candy buffet.

My name change is official!

In honor of that……..

DIY (by me) soda escort cards with my new name.

Photography by Lisa + James.

Escort Cards

There are so many fun and unique ways to “escort” your guests to their tables. Here are a few of my favorites.

These designs are simple but beautiful:

These ones are earthy and interesting:

These escort card displays show the theme of the wedding: Tropical and the Beach.

I love the colors and moderness of this one:

These ones are unique:

The escort card display from my wedding:
And from the fabulous Martha Stewart:

Escort Cards v. Place Cards

Sometimes these two elements are called one another. In actuality they are two different elements that have two different purposes.

Escort Cards are placed at the point of entry and have the guests name and table number or name on it. These cards tell your guests what table they are seated at. A seating chart can take the place of an escort card display.

Place Cards are used if you are assigning your guests to particular seats. There are many ways to display these cards from a simple tented card to a more elaborate set up.

Above posts will display some unique and beautiful displays of both.