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Cool Things Wednesdays 76 - Unique Wedding Ideas & Decor

I only have one product for this week’s edition of Cool Things Wednesdays…..but it can stand alone.  The first of its kind Do-It-Yourself Letterpress Machine.  I ordered one and will post projects on the blog in case you are interested. 

The Art of Letterpress

Letterpress printing is a type of printing in which the raised surface of the type is inked and then pressed against a smooth substance to obtain an image in reverse.

Letterpress is also very costly. Why? First, it is challenging to print multi-colors as most equipment prints only one color at a time. Second, this printing process is less precise than offset printing and takes a skilled printer to overcome printing issues.
Enough talk….Here are some of my favorite Letterpress:

The above two are from Sarah Drake in Chicago. I used her and her beautiful grass design for my wedding invites.

Hello Lucky also has beautiful invites. They even sell their letterpess at Costco for 25% off!

Good on Paper is another one of my favorites.
Dauphine Press
This link offers a great resource for those interested in letterpress:
Remember, they say that the invite sets the tone for a wedding!