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Photo of the Month - Ping Pong Wedding

I am absolutely floored by the yellow table.  Helps that I play ping pong like a champ.  Photo by Thorsen Photography

Photo of the Month - Engagement Shoot

I love the vintage bikes.  Beautiful picture Elle Jae!!

Wedding Reception Photo of the Month - Blue and White Wedding

The color combination of blue and white is so crisp and refreshing.  The addition of the lanterns just put it over the top.  Truly a spectacular blue and white wedding.  Photo by Laura Novak.

Wedding Photo of the Month

I love all the white in this photograph.  The boots and the books on the floor really make this an artistic wedding photo worthy of wall art.

One Love Photo

Wedding Photo of the Month

I love the vintage feel of this photo.  It is very Palm Springs.   The black bridesmaid dresses against the white patio chairs is a great contrast.

Kate Harrison Photography

Dear Jill Thomas

You don’t know me but I heart you and your photos….I just hope one day you can take either pictures of me, my future children, pets or anything really.  I also heart your family pictured below.  Simply amazing!  If rumors about your presence in California is true I may just have a heart attack. 

Your loyal fan, Lisa. 


 Jill Thomas Photography