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Wedding Photo Place Cards

I have to be honest (and I apologize in advance if I offend anyone) but I sometimes feel that a lot of weddings we see on blogs blend together.  Don’t get me wrong they are all overwhelmingly beautiful…but most are very similar.

I am always searching for new ideas, brainstorming new ways to revamp old ideas but in reality it’s hard.  Most things have been done.

Enter my Wisconsin bride, an easy to work with laid back girl who just wanted a fabulous party.  When I asked her if she wanted to “reserve” seats for certain family members at the ceremony she said yes and in her casual laid back style asked if we could just tape pictures of those people to the seats.  Then the creative juices began flowing.

Why not do this for the reception?  We have all seen photo walls, photo tables, photos strung on twine…but why not attached to each seat?  A fun way to find your seat and a great conversation piece for the guests.

Granted this probably is only practical for a small wedding and if done for a larger wedding you would probably need escort cards to guide people to the correct table and then they could find their seat.

Well without further ado…wedding photo wall meets place cards:

Cool Things Wednesdays 73 - Unique Wedding Ideas & Decor

I am always searching for unique wedding place cards or escort cards.  I love these zinc place cards.  Very unique and slightly industrial.


We have all seen those beautiful pom poms that Martha Stewart can make.  Let me tell you they are not easy to make.  Especially if you have to make one for every guest or wedding favor.  Check out these wedding pom poms from etsy.


I love these pom poms used as napkin decor.  A lovely little detail to add to your wedding.

Place Cards

Place Cards can be found at each individual place setting. Their purpose is to assign a seat to a guest. While some brides have open seating if you are planning to assign specific seats to your guests you will need a place card.

There are so many options out there. These are some of my favorites:
Simple tented place card with embellishment. From Beau-Coup. This can also be done by buying plain tented place cards from a place like Paper Source then adding your own stamp to them.
From Wedding Favorites
From My Wedding Favors
From My Wedding Favors

From Wine Theme Favors
Place card from my wedding

Cool Alternative to the Place Card

One thing I have learned: Rental linens (the extremely unique and pretty ones) are very expensive!!!

Your standard linen rentals (most venues may provide you with standard white ones for free) range from $8 - $15. The more elaborate ones can go upwards of $35 each depending on size. Times this by the number of tables and it can add up.

This got me thinking. If a venue has the standard white linens that they offer for free why not take advantage of this and find a way to dress them up…..

I found these placemats at cb2. They are $3.95 each. Not cheap but if you look at them as a way to save $$$ on place cards and place card holders this may be a great alternative:

Here are the placemats in a tablescape:
Just imagine calligraphy such as this written on the white space/or black space of the above placemat. It would be beautiful to walk up to a table and see “Mrs. Jones” on such a fabulous placemat. A great way to spice up an otherwise simply table linen:
Remember if you don’t have a charger and are having a sit down meal there is usually no plate at each place setting so nothing would block the name of your guest.

Escort Cards v. Place Cards

Sometimes these two elements are called one another. In actuality they are two different elements that have two different purposes.

Escort Cards are placed at the point of entry and have the guests name and table number or name on it. These cards tell your guests what table they are seated at. A seating chart can take the place of an escort card display.

Place Cards are used if you are assigning your guests to particular seats. There are many ways to display these cards from a simple tented card to a more elaborate set up.

Above posts will display some unique and beautiful displays of both.