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Cool Things Wednesdays 76 - Unique Wedding Ideas & Decor

I only have one product for this week’s edition of Cool Things Wednesdays…..but it can stand alone.  The first of its kind Do-It-Yourself Letterpress Machine.  I ordered one and will post projects on the blog in case you are interested. 

Unique Wedding Invitations


I love these unique wedding invitations.  So clever.

Oslo Press

I know many blogs have featured Oslo Press. I couldn’t help ordering a sample set. Now had I seen these before they would have been one of my top contenders for wedding invites. The wood is lightweight and very beautiful. They even send you a sample of the wood color choices. I loved the combination of wood and letterpress. They looked great on my coffee table.

Wood Color Choices


Invite with Letterpress Envelope

Letterpress Reply Card

Complete Set

The Art of Letterpress

Letterpress printing is a type of printing in which the raised surface of the type is inked and then pressed against a smooth substance to obtain an image in reverse.

Letterpress is also very costly. Why? First, it is challenging to print multi-colors as most equipment prints only one color at a time. Second, this printing process is less precise than offset printing and takes a skilled printer to overcome printing issues.
Enough talk….Here are some of my favorite Letterpress:

The above two are from Sarah Drake in Chicago. I used her and her beautiful grass design for my wedding invites.

Hello Lucky also has beautiful invites. They even sell their letterpess at Costco for 25% off!

Good on Paper is another one of my favorites.
Dauphine Press
This link offers a great resource for those interested in letterpress:
Remember, they say that the invite sets the tone for a wedding!