Bellissima Vita Weddings

“All About Love”
That’s me. I love to laugh. I love to create. I love to have fun. I love to learn. I love to connect with others and I love beautiful days, pretty things, special moments, lucky bargains and crazy haute designs.

“All About You”
The planning process and the wedding vision is all about you, your partner, your friends and your families. This is your day and your unique experience. I will listen to your ideas and work with you to transform those ideas into reality.

“All About Attitude”
I have an open mind when it comes to style and priorities. I feel there are no “must haves” or “no ways” in this industry. Each couple has their own taste. That is why I am always searching for new designs, fresh talent, and creative budget stretching techniques to ever further my knowledge and resources to best serve my clients.

“All About Details”
I am a perfectionist. Being an attorney I understand the importance of details… it’s what makes your wedding unique and memorable. I will make sure that all your details are executed perfectly and will love every minute of it.

“All About Integrity”
I am open and honest. I pride myself on hiring and working with others who share the same values. I believe in always striving to do my best and I expect the same from my staff and other wedding professionals.